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Tolston LighthouseTolston Lighthouse
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Tostón Lighthouse (Faro del Tostón)

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This distinctive 30 m concrete tower built in the 1980s, which is white with red bands, has a focal height of 35 m above the sea. Its light can be seen for 14 nautical miles, and consists of a flash of white light every eight seconds.
The current lighthouse is the third in a succession of lights that have operated at the site on the promontory of Punta Tostón, which is also known as the Punta de la Ballena.
There is a self-guided walking trail which circles the lighthouse it is around 1 km in length.
The site has ample car parking and also a visitor cafe, although this was closed when I last visited.

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Tostón Lighthouse (Faro del Tostón) 0 reviews

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