Cofete is a small village in the western part of the Jandía peninsula in Fuerteventura. It is part of the municipality Pájara and is situated in a nature reserve. Cofete has the most spectacular wild beach you will get to see in all the Canary Islands. Many of the scenes in the film Exodus Gods and Kings was filmed in Cofete. Please be aware that swimming in Cofete can be very dangerous due to rip tides and strong undercurrents. The road to Cofete starts at Morro Jable and you can follow the signs in the town. The journey is around 20 kilometers, with most of it being a dirt road. Many people make the trip which requires careful and patient driving but be aware that hire car insurance may not cover you "off road" as the road is not paved. A better option is to get a bus from Morro Jable which makes the journey 2 times a day. It leaves from Morro Jable Bus Station (Estacion de Guaguas) which is in the new town and costs around 8 euros. Villa Winter, alleged holiday home of a German general a place with many conspiracy theories, is situated on a mountain slope near Cofete.

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