There is only one commercial airport on the island, it is located near the capital Puerto del Rosario at El Matorral. The nearest resort to the airport is Caleta de Fustes, with Corralejo to the north and Costa Calma and Morro Jable to the south.

LocationDistanceDrive Duration
Caleta7km (FV-2)8 mins
Corralejo39km (FV-1) / 46km (FV-10) 30 / 42 mins
Costa Calma62km (FV-2)50 mins
El Cotillo44km (FV-10) / 46km (FV-1)37 / 37 mins
Gran Tarajal41km (FV-2)33 mins
Morro Jable84km (FV-2)65 mins
Distances from the airport

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